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1. What is the difference between a “mini session” and a regular session?

There are several differences between the sessions. First, it’s a shorter session, and it’s run in a “marathon” type day with several sessions stacked together. Secondly, while it is still custom photography, it is very limited in choices. Instead of meeting you in a custom location, it’s a location pre-determined and shorter in duration.

2. Are there any limitations to who can be in our mini session?

While I have not specifically limited the sessions, they are intended for an immediate family. Is your immediate family just two adults? Or are you a large family with 8 or 9 children? Regardless of the size of your immediate family, these are designed for you. A mini session does not provide adequate time to do an extended family session and we would need to save that for a full session.

3. Can we bring our dogs?

Yes! This years location is pet friendly.

4. Can we bring props?

Yes! But please remember we are limited on time. I would suggest limiting your props to one or two!

5. What should we wear?

I am a big believer in comfort! Wear what you feel comfortable in and have fun with it! I have many ideas for clothing and prop ideas on my pinterest board, which can be found here: www.pinterest.com/leeleemarie

6. Okay, I want to book a session, now what?

Go to the "Book your Session" and click to save your date, from there an email with contract and invoice will shortly follow. 


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